We’re not like other accountancy firms.

goldfishHere at KFMCO, we care dearly about your financial performance and your growth. We have proven solutions for a number of the biggest challenges owner-managed businesses face during their life cycle (from start-up through to growth and maturity). All this is provided as part of our standard service. But it hasn’t always been like that.

You see, we started out like every other firm. Just going through the motions. Doing everything the same as every other accountant. You could probably have changed the name of every accountancy firm in Scotland and seen very little difference.

But after a while it was clear to us that if we really wanted to make a difference to our clients’ lives and businesses, we needed a different approach. An approach that focused not only on expert financial and tax-saving advice, but on helping our clients get more sales. More customers. More profit.

We would then have a great firm – one that stands out in our competitive market. But more importantly one that clients loved and never wanted to leave.

And that’s the firm we have today.

Every accountant says they’re different.

Words are easy to say. Actions are more difficult!

Hopefully you can see actions do speak louder than words. We strongly believe in that!

A number of our clients say we’re ‘quirky’, ‘not like other accountants’, ‘different’. We take all these things as massive compliments.

Even our own marketing is different.

super accountant 9 dots xray





We have sent (and still do) things like comics, x-rays and postcards with puzzles on. If you’ve received any one or a number of these you’ll know we’re different. No other accountants send things like this (or would even dare to).

But we like to push boundaries. Test ourselves. Test our clients.

It makes a huge difference.

For example, let me tell you a true story that reinforces this…

The Welsh rugby team almost created history in the 2011 World Cup by doing things differently. They lost a final place due to a controversial decision by the referee in the semi-final against France. But what was essentially an ordinary team was made great (legendary) by doing things differently.

Warren Gatland (the Welsh coach) took the squad to Poland for two 10-day intensive training stints at the Spala Olympic complex. Players would be subjected to 40 training sessions in each 10-day stint, made possible by entering a cryotherapy chamber with temperatures of -10 degrees (yes, minus ten degrees).

The chamber (known affectionately to the players as ‘evil sauna’) enabled their bodies to endure a training programme that would be otherwise impossible.

Doing things differently resulted in a team that went from no-hopers to legends in the space of just 3 months.

And that’s why we do things differently for our clients.

If you just want compliance services, we can of course do that for you (and we do it well – better than most, it has been said) but if you’re looking to grow a better business then that’s where we can REALLY help.

So go ahead. Request your FREE meeting today. Simply enter your details on our contact page or phone us direct on 01292 266496.